Monday, October 8, 2018

The battle of the mind - Attracted to the addicted

I was looking for a small notebook to put by my bed for note taking.  What I found one with some writing I did a long time ago when I was actually on the beach.  I was writing about being stuck.  A theme I feel that has always been a part of my life but there was some excitement in it about The Course in Miracles.  I have moved on from that realizing that it was just another way of me not accepting what is and hoping these words dictated by (?) to a PHD and written down to share with the general public would be the truth and answers I was looking for.

I loved the words they formed sentences that were so complicated - almost like a PHD wrote them - that my mind would leap for joy just trying to wrap my head around them.  My mind is always looking for a puzzle to solve a place that needs fixing or just a bit of straightening up.  That is why I fell for the addicted over and over so much work to be done.  I knew I could help I had the power to make things better and they really liked my help for awhile. Until whatever they were addicted to got jealous and wanted me out of the picture.

I was hurt over and over again volunteering to give over my life to a cause and then being surprised that it wasn't appreciated in the least.  Now I know my mind just really likes complicated things.  It gets bored and starts looking around for entertainment.  I use to just do whatever anyone wanted me to do just to stay busy and keep my mind distracted.

I would find myself doing things that I really had no interest whatsoever in doing. I blamed others for sucking me in I guess I thought I couldn't say no. Now I just do what I want and sometimes there isn't anything I really want to do and I have to accept that this is where I am.  It is at times like these that my mind causes me a lot misery looking here an there to point out things that need to be done.  I hear those words "what is wrong with you? Look at all that needs to be done and you are doing nothing."

I can and have done a lot in my life.  Getting things done can give you a moment of happiness but then what is next?  Luckily my job keeps me plenty busy and keeps my mind off my back. It is only when I am home alone to long that things get ugly.  Sometimes I am not interested in being productive and the battle begins.

I always know that this conflict will pass and tomorrow I will be back to work.  Thank God for work.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I didn't think that anyone else dealt with the same things I did. And reading this, it could have been me. Thank you so much for sharing this. I needed to hear this right now.