Thursday, July 7, 2011

Look how pretty those clouds are. Living in the moment

On my vacation I spent time with my niece and nephews. The first two days I spent with the oldest 24 we hiked and talked non stop. We discussed the world the one we live in and the spiritual world we are striving to get to. We wrapped our visit up because he had an out of town wedding to attend. He is the professional groomsman amongst his friends.

The next few days I spent with his sister a finance major working three jobs this summer while attending to a new boyfriend. She has all the balls in the air and managed us both by inviting him to lunch with us or inviting me to lunch with them I am not sure. Very efficient and very familiar to me when I had the world by the tale.

The youngest of the three is 15 and is his own man. He is mild mannered and prefers electronics and machines to conversation. He did make it clear to me that he was available for hiking himself after his job as camp counselor ended at 3 each day. I apparently was neglecting him. His job as counselor consisted of taking the kids hiking each day so I assumed he would prefer his games to his aunt. I was wrong.

One afternoon we decided to drive up the parkway to Skinny Dip Falls. His sister was going to go with us if she could juggle her schedule. I think he wanted her to go because he thought I would get lost on the parkway like his mom. We waited and when she was a no show we took off on our own.

It was a long drive 45 minutes high in the mountains. I asked him some questions and he answered them. It was mostly quiet except when we came upon a mile marker and we calculated how far we had to go. After a long bit of silence we rounded one curve and he said look how pretty those clouds are.

Wise beyond his years comfortable with quiet and seeing the beauty before him. Isn't that what peace is all about? Living in the moment.

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