Monday, November 30, 2009

Looking for a Christmas Wreath

Making the decision to actually put out Christmas decorations is a hurdle I face every year. Last year I was depressed and distracted and the thought never crossed my mind but this year after my recent awakening I have been toying with the thought. This doesn’t mean that I will do anything about it but the fact that I am considering it is a big step.

The holidays are a time of reflection for me I don’t have the chaos in my life that most have. I work for myself so unless I throw myself a party I don’t have the company party to worry about. I am grateful for that I can remember the time and energy spent on deciding what to buy the people at work. I think gifts should show that you really know someone and not some mindless selection. If you don’t know someone very well why are you buying them a gift? I guess this is where gift cards come in to save the day. This all seems very impersonal to me.

So what to do about decorations I did make a special wreath for my old house but that really brings up a lot of thoughts even as I write. So I think I will have to meditate on how I would like to celebrate this year. It was intended that this time of year be about love and Gods ultimate gift to us. So in that spirit I will look for a way to express that kind of love this season.

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