Saturday, November 28, 2009

Too Much Mail

While eating lunch one day recently I saw a station wagon being pulled on a trailer. It was packed with mail and all of the windows were covered. I wondered what the story was behind the car and how long it took to accumulate that much mail and at what point did the owner ultimately abandon the car. They could be buried beneath all that mail.

I could see that happening to me. The amount of mail that got piled up during my depression and grief could have filled a car or it seemed like that at the time. Looking at that car I guess it could have been worse. I have talked to others about this issue and it seems the mail is the last thing anyone wants to deal with during grief and depression.

I remember someone saying that she would avoid the mailbox all together for weeks. For me paperwork takes stamina and when I was at my lowest I reserved my energy for getting out of bed.

I only have a few small piles now and will get around to them soon. Progress not perfection is the key to my sanity. As for the car of mail hopefully the car really was abandoned and the owner doesn’t have to face that mail again.

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