Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Bewitching problem

Character defects or assets this decision can depend on your point of view. I have realized that I like problems and I like solving them. In the business world this can be an asset of the best kind. I am willing to take on problems that no one would go near. It was about the challenge the before and after effect. This goes way back to early childhood I remember watching Bewitched and how I loved watch Samantha turn her messy house into perfection in an instant. I definitely can do the before in my own house and wait until it get pretty bad so I can enjoy the dramatic after effect. There is no drama in clean as you go.

With work I could always be counted on to get the job done and without complaint, well maybe sometimes. This asset served me well and I have excelled in anything to do with earning a living. The defect comes in when I try to apply this to people. In the arena of love I chose more complicated and sometimes wounded people. After the program I didn’t try to change them but I would always be optimistic about the possibilities. I was never really could see how their problems could effect me.

Outside of love I have do have a number of friends like myself who have overcome many obstacles in their own lives and don’t back away from anything really. With their help I can sometimes acknowledge that some situations and people aren’t good for me. It is hard for me to watch someone in pain. I can step back now and know that I am not always the solution and God has his own plan for the lives of others. This is not to say if someone I care about is drowning I won’t pull them out if I can. Sometime without them asking but if they decide to go back in they are on their own. Maybe...

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