Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Man in a Sea of Words

I met a man a couple of days ago that owns a huge used book store. I went there a year ago before the election and he was full of venom and made the assumption that I agreed with him. I didn’t go back until yesterday because I like to stay away from any kind of negativity when I am feeling down myself. Now that my own depression has passed I felt I was up to it. I went with a friend, who is walking sunshine; to do some Christmas shopping I knew this would infuse some positive energy into the visit.

When we started to pay he started the same negative talk. I said I think that is same monologue you had this time last year and my friend said maybe you need some new material. That was it really. I went back yesterday to spend more money and he was like another person. He even gave me a book, one of his favorite as a Christmas present.

Sometimes we get stuck and don’t realize it. It is easy to do when we spend so much time in our heads. We are all susceptible to getting lost in our thoughts and those thoughts can be negative or positive our choice really. Should I have said something? I don’t know but I didn’t plan it. His negativity has kept me away from his store for a year. I love used books and he obviously loves them too. I felt like I really met the man yesterday behind the negativity and unfortunately for my pocket book I will be back.

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