Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Intentions

I have been focused on the negative lately and the fear of future. All the things I fear are real possibilities but so are all the potentially great things that could happen. I don’t spend much time dwelling on what wonderful things are in store for me in the months and years ahead. So why do I expect the worse it is the same odds right. Why do I spend so much time preparing mentally for the worst?

I create my own pain even before the potential disaster happens. I think that I do this because I want to be prepared, not get my hopes up in case things don’t go my way. So on top of the disaster, if it comes, I also spend some additional time being unhappy before it gets here and if it never comes at all then I wasted time in fear of nothing. That sounds crazy just writing it but this is how I manage the fear of the unknown.

I have decided to start a policy of writing down the best case scenario instead of thinking the worst. When I focus on all the possibilities, it helps me to imagine what I want not what I don’t want. It is a gratitude list for the future and it makes me realize just what is possible.

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