Saturday, December 26, 2009

Refrigerator Art

I am dog sitting for my next door neighbor this holiday. It is pretty easy and for the most part I don’t mind going over there and hanging out while they eat. Today I was running late and they were pretend fighting and not eating and I became frustrated. I decided to sit in one of three Lazy Boy chairs. The chairs face three different directions (not sure why) so I plopped myself down in the one opposite of the dogs fighting outside. I tried to meditate for a moment to figure out why I felt annoyed this morning.

I looked straight ahead and on the refrigerator there was a giant A with an angel next to it. In past week I have thought a lot about angels and even bought a book about angel sightings. I have heard the word angel in songs that I have been listening to for years and never noticed.

Does it mean anything, it does to me and that is what is what is important. I do believe that we are being watched over by a power greater than ourselves and if we pay attention we can receive comfort from that power. When we are lost in our own thoughts or busy with everyday life we dismiss the very things that would comfort us it we noticed them.

By the time we find the perfect time to pray or meditate it is too late and we have spent hours or days in an anxious state. Paying attention to our needs first and just taking a moment wherever we are is all that is needed to bring us back to a place of peace.

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