Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Fresh Look

I haven’t written in a while because I have been taking a break from the routine which is my life. I always thought that the objective of life was to find security for oneself a stable relationship a steady job all the creature comforts but it has recently come to my attention that those things are nice but ultimately are fleeting. We work hard to keep things the same and then if we are successful we become bored and unsettled. So I must become comfortable with change and even try to embrace it. I read today that life is like a wheel sometimes we are on top and sometimes on the bottom only the hub has the least amount of change. This to me is my spiritual core the place that I go back to when comes and my anxiety is high.

In nature everything is always changing. The photo today is from yesterday’s trip to a museum garden. A flower only peaks for a few days and then its moment of glory is over and it is time for something else to take its place. If we could realize that we are part of this cycle we could relax and accept where we are today.

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