Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Recently during a day trip to a little town north of here my friend and I came across a woman working in her yard. The yard was full of daffodils in full bloom. It isn't often that we see them this far south. She was kind and full of life and told us that she had planted close to 100 bulbs and only half came up.

Thinking about this today I realized this is what we are doing when we share our experience strength and hope in the program. Some people come into the program and find just what they need. They are transformed and utilize all that the program has to offer and others come and when they start to feel better or start facing the some of the more painful issues they run. It is hard to let them go but they have their own path just as I have mine.

So even when only half the bulbs come up it is still a beautiful explosion of life.

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