Friday, October 5, 2012

Not so wild horses and breaking free

This is my second attempt to write since returning from my vacation. I have been in a slumps since getting back I guess I thought my life would magically change or I would magically change while away. Maybe I have.

First I had a great time. My friend is a Hospice nurse and works one week on and one week off so she was able to take the whole week off with me.  I really wasn't counting on that and rented a car that never left the house.

We hiked maybe 30-40 miles over the course of the week. I was able to keep up even with the high altitude. My recent plunge back into running helped me to get ready. Sometimes she did get ahead of me and it felt like I was alone in the woods which was very peaceful. Especially since we talk non stop when we are together.

The second hike was amazing. During the walk we encountered a herd of domestic horses with there trusty guard dog. We know that because his collar said so. We turned the corner and six horses stood on the trail and they just walked right up to us and we petted them. The dog was extremely friendly it was a magical experience.

During our five hour hike up the mountain we encountered rain, hail and sun.  The leaves were turning and the floor of the forest was covered with pink and yellow leave. The trees were at their peak and with the dark evergreens (giant Christmas trees) as the back drop it was heaven. In my mind nothing more beautiful.

The trip was good for me and since I have never gone somewhere just for me. I usually visit family and that ends up being more work than relaxation.

My friend is unique in that she has spent her life moving around. Doing what most people couldn't even imagine doing. She has built her life around freedom. Freedom from things and attachments to places. Ironically she just got married and because  her husband has attachments they have to stay in Salt Lake another two years.

She is learning about staying put and I am dreaming about freeing myself from the idea that I must stay put. I already know about long term commitment and making a home. I have been here since I was 17.

In recent months I have toyed with the idea of moving to Austin. Ironically while at the airport I had dinner with a woman who lives in Austin. She gave me a lot of information and it seems the cost of living is about the same as it is here.

I am not going to start packing tomorrow and I am not naive enough to think any place or point in the future will make me happy for long. It is the idea that I have choices and that moving is just one of them. Starting over someplace new is not a cure but the idea of it does make me think of ways to make my life less tied down.

I need to change things up because my life as it is is not working for me. I will start with the little things and see how I feel and then we will see what happens next.

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