Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bumbles Bounce - Falling Down
I went to an event in town last weekend and fell down on the sidewalk in front of the concert hall. It seemed pretty surreal from my vantage point. A small crowd gathered trying to help and in my mind I could hear myself saying "how did I get down here?"

I wasn't hurt except for the a skinned knee and a bump on the head. I am short so the fall wasn't too far and I have fallen here and there throughout my life. Bumbles bounce comes to mind from the Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer cartoon. You know the abominable (that was almost abdominal with spell check that would be really gross) snowman falls off the cliff and takes a sleigh of characters with him. Everyone thinks the worst but they show up at the end because bumbles bounce.

I was a little sore but recovered quickly which means I am in better shape than I thought.

Sometime in life you are just going along and suddenly you find yourself on the ground and you do wonder how you got there. One minute your up and moving along and the next minute your laying on the ground and everyone is staring at you.

No one is sure what to do with a person on the ground. As a person that has spent a lot of time there recently I can understand the dilemma. When your on the ground you are embarrassed and you want to believe you don't need help but you do.

When I was spiritually on the ground I didn't really want help and nobody really knew how to help me without me knowing it so I stayed on the ground. Looking at my life from the bottom up where everything seems larger than I could manage.

I stayed there on the sidewalk of life and became part of the scenery for what seemed like forever. Life went on without me and truthfully I was happy to let it. I got use to the view and comfortable in the discomfort.

I am standing now but barely moving. It was time to make a choice to do something about myself. It was time to brush myself off and get on with the life that was given me. Things don't seem so big to me anymore in fact they seem quite small. I am grateful to get my own bounce back.

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