Friday, December 14, 2012

Wishes - Fumes - Dead batteries
I get the sneaky feeling sometimes that we get exactly what we wish for so be careful what you wish for. Last night I specifically wished that I didn't have to go to the office today. This morning I have a dead battery and I am currently looking at my car that I had to roll out of the garage. Hum not exactly what I meant. Be specific.

Just as I think we do have an affect on our world or at least the way we see it I also think the the universe conspires to get us exactly what we are thinking about.  Most spiritual materials address in some way saying we should guard our thoughts.

I am not saying that when bad things happen we caused but I do think if we are open to good things happening then we get more good things and if we live life in constant fear then our worst fear seek us out because we are looking for them giving and them our energy.

Staying positive is hard in a world that constantly broadcasting the negative. It is human nature to be drawn to tragedy and gore that is why bad news travels so fast and is so popular. What if we had a TV station that just told us good things 24/7 we would be asleep in five minutes.

The program taught me that I was separate from my thoughts. I was the boss of me and not a victim of life. I had a choice of who I was with and what I was thinking even if it didn't feel like it was my choice. Every minute of every day I made good and bad choices for myself. If someone cut me off in traffic I could feel attacked or I could be happy I wasn't the one in such a big hurry. I could let that moment ruin my day or I could see it for what it was a moment.

What a concept right? It isn't that easy and for me I just say to myself that I don't know what is going on in the other person's life. It isn't about me it isn't personal unless I make it personal. I can let that moment slip by unnoticed not reliving it by telling someone about it. We don't go to work and tell people how nice someone was that let us into traffic right?

I have to warn you when you are use to recounting to woes of life it is a hard habit to break. We all like to commiserate about how bad we have even if it is only in our head.  It helps us to relate to everyone else and draws attention to ourselves.

I don't always do this but I will say I am careful about what I say I don't say " this always happens to me", unless I want it to always happen to me. I don't give weight to the negative and try hard to give weight to the positive or say nothing at all.

Like today I am sitting in my nice house looking at my car and waiting for one of our contractors to give me a jump. It is just a slight detour and a part of life's flow. My heart did not want to work in the office today yesterday the fumes from the cabinet shop in the back kept me from enjoying my day.

I could have brought a gas mask to work but I didn't know in advance I would need one. So today the universe is trying to help fulfill my wish. Maybe I will work at home today.

Well he has come and gone in about 10 minutes my battery is charging so I guess I am off to the office. Have a great day unless you have other plans.

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  1. Great message! Thank you for reminding me to stop wallowing in negativity. I'm so thankful for the little things in life-the use of my body, the laughter of my kids, the smell of coffee, a moment of peace.