Thursday, March 14, 2013

Drawing Class - Getting a new perspective

Today's class assignment perspective
I am not working too hard today I had my drawing class this morning and have been in art mode every since. I went to lunch with an architect after class which could lead to some business for me. Wouldn't that be just dandy to network while actually having fun.

I tried not to take my Monday slump too seriously back in the olden days I would have chocked it up to pms and went on with my life but  with my recent bout with depression it makes me worried that I am slipping back into that dark place again. I don't really believe that but my mind goes there anyway. I think it was more situational depression. The situation was really bad so I was depressed.

I feel light on my feet and worked about 12 hours yesterday. I went home last night and watch Idol I love seeing so much talent. I never get tired of hearing the amazing voices.  Some of the voices last night made me cry just a gift from God if you believe in him.

I feels good to feel as though I am moving forward for a change. I keep hearing the word restoration in my head. All that has been lost is being restored. That is exactly what it feels like everyday.

Looking through old photos of jobs I didn't get because I just couldn't function sometimes made me feel like I really have missed some good opportunities. Maybe not because yesterday some people showed up that I measured for three years ago and now they are ready.

I feel I am being divinely guided these days. When I wrote about my grandmother I felt she was right there beside me. I am healed of my hurt and ready to see what life has in store for me.

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  1. Your art is good. Being healed of hurt is powerful.