Friday, September 18, 2015

Smart TV - America Ninja Warriors

I have been enjoying my new Smart TV it isn't huge at 32" but bigger than my old 17" TV that I have been watching since I moved here.  I think the TV has made me a little smarter.  Because I can access YouTube through wifi I have been watching non-stop TedTalks.

It is inspiring to here other people inspired about something.  I haven't felt that way about anything in a long time. Some of the talks mostly the ones that last more than the allotted 18 minutes are a little self absorbed.  There was a reason for the time limit. The human attention span drops off in 18 minutes.

I have do have a TV secret pleasure American Ninja Warriors. I love it. I think I love it because it takes multiple skills and mental maturity to push through the obstacles. In seven seasons this is the first time someone has won the million dollars.  They had two finishers for the first time ever.

My Smart TV combined with my Tivo knows I loved this show and has captured every episode available since season one. Of course I have seen all the seasons and watching repeats doesn't interest me.

When I watch this show I think about how thrilling it must be. One of the winners said it was like the greatest playground equipment ever made for adults.

When I was a kid I wasn't too athletic but more like a dare devil. I did set up stunts in our basement with an old mattress and regularly had the wind knocked out of me. My friends were swore to secrecy.  I also had a pull up bar suspended in a door way. It was left there by my uncle. I used it to hang upside down until one day I was too heavy and it fell.

As a kid I became a little less brave after a few trips to the hospital. No broken bones just arms out of place and busted lips. Mostly these trips involved my second cousin and scared my mother. We ultimate stopped visiting with them. After these events my mother guarded me pretty closely and I became less adventurous.

After watching America Ninja Warrior I got the idea that I want to get stronger and try some different kinds of exercise. I surfed the web for mini trampolines last night. I already have a pull up bar in my garage and a jump rope. I could create a little circuit training here in the house.

I have always been a physical person doing any kind of chore imaginable. Climbing on the roof to knocking down walls. The past few years have made me feel old and tired. I think it is mostly in my head so maybe being inspired by American Ninja Warrior was what I needed to get me going.


  1. Off you go! Climb that mountain, find your rainbow... Have a happy WeeKeND *smiles*

  2. I feel old and tired too right now. I am *thinking* about taking action to make that better. lol We are interested once our contract is up with our cable co. in changing to a instant streaming device. Im glad to hear its working well for you. :o)