Monday, September 14, 2015

Just like riding a bike

I have made it through another week a good week with some successes at work and a few personal accomplishments on the side. Things I have putting off forever and feeling guilty about.

I am attributing my uplifted mood to the lack of rain for the past three days. I have to admit I am just better when I can see the sun at least once a week. I am not sure how people live in areas where it rains a lot.  I already live about as south as I can and still it isn't sunny enough for me sometimes.

Closing a few jobs this week has taken the pressure off of me for at least the weekend which includes today.  My plan for today is to take my old neglected bike to the bike shop to get the tires rotten tires replaced. I haven't touched it since I move here seven years ago.

When I am grieving I divorce the person as well as anything associated with what use to be my life. It is too painful to think about what will never be again. I miss the years that I felt I belonged and thought I knew where I was going and who I was going with. Obviously it was story I created in my own mind for my benefit so I could and did feel safe for many years.

It didn't matter that I felt trapped or unhappy a lot of the time.  It didn't matter that I lived with someone who hid there emotions even to the end when it was over and I was shut down every time I wanted to talk about it. Buried just like every other problem we had together.

In the beginning it felt good being the opposite of the highly charged alcoholic relationship I was use to and I enjoyed not having to manage the emotions of someone else. But after awhile it was like living alone.  Then I began to do a little digging to see if I could resurrect a little bit of emotion this only back fired and I received anger and tears. I let the idea go and practiced acceptance.

I picked that. It was right for me at the time it was the easy way out to be with someone that would basically not challenge me in any way. I chose a mirror of myself shut down and not interested in anything that might bring my own past to the surface.  They were very productive years on the surface I moved, got a degree and changed professions. From the outside all was well.

I guess that is why when it was over I had a lot of catching up to do emotionally and spiritually. It is in my DNA to live a life of spiritual depth. Mostly on my mother's side where life was about God and everyday living interrupted the time we spent with God.

I have unlearned a lot these past seven years.  I have started to accept the pattern I have of resistance together with despair rolling into letting go and acceptance.  When I am down I think "this is all there is" when I am up it sounds more like "this is enough."

So I am getting back on my bike. I have moved past the association of my past with riding a bike. I am no longer rejecting the person I was or the life I use to have.  I threw out everything about me the good and the bad and have been living with a blank slate. Now I am finding the things about me that I still like and that give me pleasure.

Acceptance of myself and the past and acceptance of today just as I am is the key to finding the love and freedom that my heart is looking for. .

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  1. Distraction. Is what I called it. Keeping busy. So busy I was too tired to think or feel. I did it too. Very well.
    And I am glad you got back onto your bike. The ties have loosened. The effect lessened. I'm happy for you!!