Saturday, January 2, 2010

What’s new?

I feel compelled to write something about the New Year today and no specific thoughts have come up as yet. What is new in my life everything and nothing. I have experienced a lot of change in my physical world and my spiritual world. I see things from a different perspective today than I did a year ago. There has been an evolution of sorts and what I thought was important to me has been altered considerably and sometimes I feel like I am viewing my life from a distance and that is ok. Too many times in the past I got so enmeshed in my feelings and the details of my life that I could see when I had lost my way.

This year my circle of spiritual partners have grown and I have found a place of peace only after giving up and sitting in a place of pain that I thought would last forever. I have seen miracles this year and gladly watched the spiritual growth of people in the program. I have also watched helplessly while others struggled to find their way. I know that we are each have to find own way and with support we can find peace.

I know that the coming year will bring more changes and more growth but I feel positive and know that nothing ever stays the same so I have to roll with it.

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