Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hard Freeze

It is cold here just like everywhere else in the country but it is unusual for us sun lovers. We had a hard freeze a couple of weeks ago that killed a lot of plants back to the ground that usually winter over pretty well. I started thinking about the positive aspects of this starting over process. Nothing left but the essentials a fresh start. When a plant gets to over grown it energy has to support old foliage as well as promote growth. The old branches or leaves are spindly and not attractive they have served their purpose and the energy of the plant would be better used for new growth.

In my own life I don't usually have the courage to do my own pruning and rely on a hard freeze to take care of what is no longer working for me. The problem with that is it is all or nothing sometimes. I would like to get to a place where I am healthy enough to do my own pruning. So with spring just around the corner and I will have to see what emerges.

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