Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What is in the shadows?

I took a little time off from my usual schedule to step back from my life and see if I could get a new perspective, some clarity. To stop my quest for truth for a few days and try to practice some acceptance of where I am and see if I could be ok with that. I am a restless person or I should say I have a restless mind that never stops. I realize now that even that statement indicates a quest of some kind.

So this week was for examining the shadows in my life and meditating on what I can accept as my truth and what might have once been truth for me is no longer relevant in my life. Can I accept the person I am today and be content and even happy with my life as it is today? Maybe.

With the help of a power greater than myself, I have voluntarily examined myself and sometimes been forced to see the truth hidden in the shadows. I am a better person for it and each day I begin again and accept that I am the best person I can be today and that is enough.

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