Monday, May 2, 2011

For Pete's Sake

I was reading a CS Lewis The Great Divorce and came across a line that said for peace sake. I stopped and thought Granny has done it again.

As I have written before my grandmother taught me all kind of sayings that were her version for example. If wishes were horses we would all go for a ride and two peas in a pot. Now I guess I need to add for Pete's sake. I always wondered who Pete was.

I guess for peace sake is appropriate today. The more spiritual I become the less political I become. I can't see the big picture and why there is so much suffering in the world. I can only try not to personally do harm to another myself and pray for those that protect us for a living. We all do our best with the circumstances handed to us and I know for myself many times even my best wasn't good enough.

Thinking about the news last night I had this thought. A distorted mind came up with a tiny hateful idea and then with time and money sold this idea to others with fear and hate in their hearts. Hateful ideas feed on fear and fear can be a powerful emotion. Suddenly a tiny hateful idea in one person's mind has morphed into a tragedy. A tragedy that effects a whole planet. One tiny hateful idea in one person's mind.

Will this be closure for the families or the nation or will it just bring the past back into the present for everyone. Giving the power back to the fear and hate.

I pray that this will bring healing for those that need it and this will not ignite more hate in the hearts of those that live by hate and fear.

For peace sake.


  1. Beautiful! I liked learning that C. S. Lewis said, For peace sake. Changed my whole day!

  2. Yes, I am for peace too. Enough of killing and hatred.