Friday, May 13, 2011

Life can be really squirrely

There is a lot you can learn from nature. While waiting for my coffee to brew this morning I watched a squirrel doing crazy loops in the highest of the trees in my backyard. It was from a different angle than usual because I was inside instead of outside.

The tree is about three storeys high and from my perspective it looked like he had lost his mind. Then I noticed something huge in his mouth. I surmised that he was building a nest. I didn't know squirrels have nest but I guess that makes since. The first loop he pulled the branch off the limb. Second loop stripped off the foliage and the third picked another branch.

This all took place in the time it took for my coffee to brew. Before I got my coffee he had wrapped it up and headed down the tree. I thought about how when you are on the outside looking in it may appear that what your watching makes no sense at all. If you are not involved then it is easy to accept that is is none of your business.

What if you are involved? Then what? In the program they say what you think about me is none of my business. This always ticked me off because I thought if you are hurting me then it becomes my business. I had this saying regularly used against me when I was standing up for myself with a recovering alcoholic. It seemed it was used to avoid acknowledging what they were doing was hurting me. The relationship didn't survive.

What I learned was that I may not know the whole story but I do know the part that affects me. All I can do is have the courage to ask for what I need and accept the result. The other person can either address my concerns or not. It may seem at this point I am powerless but I can decide to stay in the relationship and accept things as they are or move on.

I am experiencing this now with my possible business partner. I am deciding what I need to feel secure and happy working together and I am addressing that with her. Lets face it it is a marriage and a long term commitment for us both. Today things are looking better as my mind starts to clear and I know what I want.

I know you are thinking all this from watching a squirrel. What can I say it is just how my squirrely mind works.


  1. Makes sense to me. Thanks.

  2. Having a squirrel mind often times is helpful when making important decision. This little guy helped you put things in perspective. Thank you for the visit :-)

  3. It also makes sense to me. I can't say I would have drawn similar conclusions but I really like the way your mind puts things together! I wish you luck in your dealings with your business partner and have to just say that what you wrote about other people's thoughts about you not being your business being used as a license to be selfish or hurt someone else...that really made me think. I have read that quote before and loved it but never looked at it in the light you present it in. Thank you for this added perception.