Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sitting on the Beach - Catching our breath

I love Saturdays at the shop it is quiet here. I usually have a few customers come in but I don't have to deal with the usual work week interruptions.

I haven't had a chance to write and really didn't think I had anything that interesting to write about this week. But today I felt I needed to get some words out. Writing for me is like exercise I never really want to do it but I feel better once I do.

Life has been exhausting over the past few years and summoning the courage to keep moving has been really hard. I know I am not alone in this I see it all around me especially in my business. Those of us that are still here are catching our breath, surveying the damage and deciding what to do next.

When you are in crisis you can't think about anyone else. You feel like you are alone your ships going down and you preoccupied with bailing out the water with a paper cup. It is all you can do until either you drown or you reach shore.

We have reached the shore here in our business and are sitting here on the beach for a brief moment making decisions about our future. Our boat is still here but not too sea worthy at this point. Can it be fixed or do we need a new boat?

While we are making that decision we are steadily patching up the old boat and making plans to build a new one at the same time. I am not sure if it is a good idea to have divided energy but we are stubborn and a little sentimental and with the recent storm holding on to anything that feels familiar.

It is good to have a moment in the sunshine here on the beach. We know that we can't linger here too long and that is ok too.

We will never be the same and maybe that is the point of a storm. To root our complacency and bring courage we didn't know we had to the surface.

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