Saturday, March 10, 2012

Can a leopard change it spots? - Harmony

We have had situation come up where someone we work with has betrayed our trust.

We have known him a really long time and our company had stopped using him because he has an ego the size of Texas and if he has a mind to he will throw you under the bus in a heart beat. All is fair in love and making a buck.

Why would we start up with him. He has a good product and is close by and with the past 12 months being so bad it seemed like a good idea to mend that fence. He was really humble at that point but now that business is better he is feeling a little more like his old self.

I was tossing and turning over the situation last night. I had a meeting with him this morning on a job we previously committed to and was planning to bring up the issue. He doesn't know that we know. It didn't happen which is just as well I think I need more time to meditate on this problem.

In my angst last night I pulled out my Angel cards and the first card was Harmony. The passage was try to see a troubled situation from a higher place. I thought I am really PO'd and not feeling too high minded at this point.

During my all night reflection I woke up with two thoughts about the situation. First I can't really let it go because that is too much like all the years of being silent in my relationships. Accepting unacceptable behavior. I can say it without being mean, I can be truthful that if he doesn't own up to what is going then it will affect our relationship. That will be the consequences of breaching our trust.

The second thought is that I believe that everything comes back that you put out. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You could call it karma. It isn't my place to pass judgement only to address how it affect me. If I accept unacceptable behavior then that is my decision.

Is it possible for a leopard to change his spots? I think it is I have changed mine many times. I also think our core characteristics regularly pull us back to, in some cases, not so great behavior. That is why we continue to take personal inventory to make sure we don't go back to where we started.


  1. I hope that things will work out. People can change if they have a spiritual solution.

  2. I work with a woman who is constantly betraying my trust and the trust of others. She's one way to your face and five minutes later saying the unthinkable when you turn your back. I try everyday to be the better person to treat her like I want her to treat me, but there is no equal reaction. I don't have much hope.