Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stealing copper and a lot of hot air

Busy here. I wrote a long post yesterday apparently for myself because when I got finished with I lost interest and didn't post it. Here I am today trying again. It is 7:15 PM and the day has been very crazy and exciting in the world of kitchen and bath design.

It is hot in the showroom because some vandals stole the copper from one of our ac units. Luckily my office is in the back so I still have air. It was in the 80's today and we will have to get it fixed soon. We are considering a welded cage to go over it.

To be truthful we have had homeless folks sleeping on that side of the building from time to time. The brush has gotten out of control and so the units are hidden. This particular one the pipe had been ran up the side the building. The other units pipe go directly into the building and would have been a lot more work.

We are in a warehouse industrial area and it backs up to a low income area. We have our share of pan handlers I am just happy it is no one I know. Life sucks for a lot of people these days and the already down trodden have been pushed a little lower.

The copper issue is pretty common these days. I am not sure what we can do, maybe we can make things less appealing. Do we clean out the brush so the ac will be more visible and more enticing or do we leave it so it won't be hidden and less tempting.

That is the news here I am busy and happy to be busy. Working more hours than I have in a long time. Life is good and I feel grateful to be out of my head for a change.

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