Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spiritual Awakenings - The hard way

I has been an extremely busy week so far and for that I am grateful.

The previous owner, oh how I like the sound of that, came in a couple of times this week. He has gotten over feeling pushed aside and realizes it is time to let us do what needs to be done to get the business moving.

We had one of our long spiritual talks today. His church is breaking apart because their minister has a drinking a pill problem. His wife has forced him out of the house and he is living with the former owner. He told me the minister's wife took pictures of him to prove to him how drunk he was. Does that sound familiar to any Alanon out there?

He has been forced to go to AA but doesn't feel he is like those people. Does that sound familiar to any AA or Alanon out there? I hear, I am special no body understands me or what I am going through. Lets face it we are not that special our problems are the same human problems people have been having since we have been here.

He is losing everything and as we all know sometimes that is what it takes to see what the problem really is our own thinking. My best thinking got me here. I don't envy the great spiritual awakening heading his way, if he is chooses spiritual enlightenment.

From my own experience I have to endure some pretty major pain before I become humble and learn from my own mistakes. When I get to the other side I think "really God" couldn't you just send me a note or an instruction book. Do we have to do this every time?

Instead I have to get to the point where I don't care about anything. I am at zero an empty vessel waiting to be filled. It is the ultimate letting go where you have no answers or for me at this point not even any questions.

I feel bad for the minister and his family but we all have to work things out for ourselves. Nobody can rescue anyone. You might postpone the inevitable pain that someone must go through bur life usually catches up with you.

Postponing the pain inevitably postpones the spiritual awakening waiting on the other side.

I feel bad for the previous owner he really put this man own a pedestal. Another lesson I guess. Addiction doesn't discriminate and doesn't leave anyone untouched anywhere.

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