Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blade Runner

We went to see Blade Runner at a concert hall last night.  The building before the 2008 bust was a Catholic Church in a pretty wealthy are of town.  The city purchased it and turned it into a concert hall. It still look like a church from the outside.

With this kind of movie there was a interesting group of viewers. We were doing some serious people watching. Pretty much a packed house. I had a talker behind me for the first part. Giving a blow by blow of what was happening to her movie partner as if he was blind.  Luckily the intensity of the movie took over and either she stopped talking or I stopped paying attention.

The movie is futuristic movie released in 1982 about the 2019. I love this movie because it is so visually stimulating. With all the action and visual details there is an underlying human story that gives you something to think about.

Way in the future 2019 they have developed human like androids for doing life's dirty business. Working basically as slaves on other planets. Very beautiful slaves nevertheless. They of course start developing human emotions. A group of them have escaped and Harrison Ford has been hired to hunt them down and kill them before they kill more real people.

They are searching for their creator because they have an internal termination date and want to live. They were given this genetic termination to keep them from becoming too human.

Our star a very young Harrison Ford hunts them down and kills them very graphically in this directors version. They are not real people but the Harrison and the audience starts to feel conflicted. This whole movie takes place on earth where only the less than perfect live. You can't leave the planet if you have any physical problems.

I thought about how we as humans always want to feel superior to someone or something. Whether it is a particular group of people or a race or even animals.

In the movie they have created what they think of as a product and one that is disposable. At the end the harshest character saves Harrison's life instead of killing him. Showing in that moment how sacred he thought life was and showing forgiveness in those last moments.

Plenty to think about and an excellent movie.


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