Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Peace - Putting my life in order

I seem to be in a place of release these days. Content to just focus on the moment and not worry about how things will work out. 

It has been a long journey getting to this place of surrender but it feels more comfortable than the alternative which is projecting all kinds of dooms day scenarios for my life. Things do work out for me when I stay in the moment I get special favors from the universe.

I was telling a friend about letting go and she said all the spiritual stuff is great but you don't want to end up a bag lady. Letting go and letting God takes courage in my mind. When I look a the alternative and I realize my best thinking got me to some crazy places so why not take a leap of faith. 

If you believe in God or something greater than yourself then why not let go. What is the point of believing in something greater than yourself and not letting that belief actually take control and help you out each day. Either you believe someone is looking out for you or not. Right?

I am not saying I can do this all the time but when I really do make a conscious effort to keep my mind from distracting me from the moment I have nothing but peace. Things get done problems get resolved without my help. 

If I see everything in my path as obstacle to overcome  and can get up in the morning ready for a fight or I can expect things to work themselves out.  If I expect a fight I usually get one. The day spirals out of control and I become scared and depressed.  My mind says hey you must be crazy if your not worried about this or that you better protect yourself they are just trying to use you. 

Last night I felt anxious and even the noise of the TV was bothering me. I turned it off and in silence I did a few chores. I have been carefully examining and cleaning everything in my house.    Putting my life in order preparing for whatever is coming my way and it is all good. 

I am happy to be in this place of peace. Every time I find it again I realize the journey getting here has been worth it. Circling around every time in a little higher place. 

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  1. Thx for this message. Your first graf reached me today at a time when I am finding my way back to the peace of the moment. I have been away from the principles of the program for a while, a number of years, thinking all the while that all the mtgs, all the service and all the fellowship over all those years would remain with me whether I was active or not. I was wrong. Two weeks ago, I knew where I belonged and returned to a mtg I'd attended once or twice a long while ago. It was still there and still the way I remembered it. Your fifth graf is hugely important, and a truth I am realizing again. I'm grateful for the peace I have found again after only a small march of days. The words, the principles, the concepts, the reading, the sharing and the fellowship are like coming home. Since walking into that mtg, I feel less like firefighter, cocked and ready, should the fire bell suddenly ring, worried about what I will be called upon to do, how I will manage, how I will manage. With the help of the Magnolia Monday AFG, my daily reading and correspondence with my sponsor, my mind has quieted, my fears receded, my focus has shifted from the past and the future and I have come back to doing the work on me that I must do. Your post on Peace is just what I needed to read tonight. Thank you.