Thursday, August 23, 2012

Roll Roll Roll Your Boat - The easy way

I had a dream this morning that included my ex-husband. We were living together at our age now and evidently I was hiding someone in my room. When I awoke I felt comforted seeing him and that things were working between us if I disregard the person hiding in my room.

I have the big 50 th birthday coming up in the next couple of weeks and my unconscious and conscious mind is reviewing the past. Life is mostly about dreams some that come true and some that do not and we never know how things might have worked out differently. If we got what we dreamed maybe things would have been worse but in our mind we think it would have been better than what we have.

I am settling in with the idea of the mid - century number and what that means for me personally.  My long time friends from the program who I abandoned not too long ago are pulling together a celebration. I didn't really have any expectations.

I have finally gotten over the fact that my life didn't turn out like I expected. I guess this is true for everyone does and how boring would that be anyway. I feel pretty good most of the time but I do get bored with the everyday grind and then going home to an empty house. This will not always be the case because nothing stays the same.

I have booked a trip to Salt Lake to see a friend at the end of September as my gift to myself. We will doing a lot of hiking and I know I will be cold. I never been there and I definitely could use a change of scenery.

A friend told me that life is like the song " roll, roll, roll your boat gently down the stream" not paddling madly up the stream. Not a lot work floating down stream. Why do I have to make everything so hard?

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  1. Love the analogy. And the trip sounds fantastic.