Friday, January 13, 2012

Donuts and Drivers

We went to our seminar on the science of selling some really good information about what people are looking for from their sales person. They talked about the four different types of buying personalities and how it is easier to sell someone that is your same personality.

I was surprised to find that I am the Driver personality only interested in the bottom line. Best price for the quality of product I have already chosen. There was the Artist just interested in the looks and the latest greatest thing. The Manager who wants to know how the process will work and how smoothly things will go and finally the Engineer who want to know how everything is made down to the last detail.

I asked the question, what about couples and he didn't really have a good answer, because there is not one. You do the best you can to identify who is really making the decisions.

I saw myself as the Manager and was pretty sure I was right until I took the test. I had absolutely no characteristics of the Manager. Zero. I was split pretty evenly between the three remaining types. The Driver a little stronger.

After the test I looked the at the statements that pertained to the Manager. Nope I am not one of those.

It just goes to show how our own perception of even ourselves can be skewed. Imagine how wrong we can be about others. Less judgement on my part is what I got out of it.

The trip home, with my soon to be new business partner, was nice. We did a little bonding and stopped at Krispy Kreme and ate hot donuts. It was the perfect ending to our two day trip.


  1. How can we begin to know how others think and why they do things when we don't even completely know ourselves? Great little story. Thanks.

  2. Hmmmmm..... a post to ponder. Interesting. Blessings.

  3. It sounds like an interesting test. I would be either the Manager or the Engineer based on your description. LOL--scientists are interested in how things work and most care less about the bottom line.