Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Magic Words - Possibilities

I have been dealing a lot lately with emotions and reactions. My own and a number of people around me.

Everyone has a different way of dealing with stress. I define stress in my own world and something I am not willing to accept. Whether that is the lack of funds or the behavior of someone I just can't accept the situation as it stands. This causes me stress. I just don't like what is happening.

My immediate reaction is to just dig in and refuse to see the obvious this is also know as denial. The length of this period depends on how bad I wanted things to go my way or if my slight belief that I could change the outcome. I say slight because if there is a shred of hope I can make that into a mountain of possibilities.

I wish I could by-pass this merry-go-round and shot straight to acceptance. It would save me some time and a lot of stress but I am stubborn. I believe that I can change things and sometimes people. It isn't true if people change it is because the want to and not because I said some magic words.

When I use to meet my husband, you know the one from 20 years ago, I would pray that God would give the perfect words to keep him from leaving me. I wanted him to see what a mistake he was making but he didn't.

When it comes to dealing with people, especially the ones we love, there is no magic words. Everyone is on their own path and sometimes we travel great distances together and other times just for a short while.

I am not sure why he has come up so often lately or why this post got so sappy.

Letting go is the name of the game and sometimes you have to just keep letting go until you get someone or something out of your system.

I see a Frosty in my near future.


  1. One day...you will realize you did let go, in the meantime keep at it. Wishing you acceptance

  2. Letting go of someone I cannot control seems only possible when it becomes too painful to keep on hanging on. "Let go and let God" means more and more as the days pass by. At times, trust and faith in something Greater than me actually seems possible. I am grateful for those 12 steps of recovery, for what has become possible in my life.

    One day at a time.

  3. I don't have the magic words to change another, but I can say many magic words to myself that I have learned in program. Those slogans help me and are like magic!