Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The end of the road and three little pigs.

I decided to leave town. I spent Saturday with a meet up group on a day long hike. We drove in a caravan to the middle of the state and walked a few trails. It was a singles group and the ages were varied. I met some nice people and was proud of myself for making the effort to get out there. Especially since I had to get up a 6 AM to do it this is not my usual habit.

I packed an overnight bag and decided since I would be in the middle of the state I would head to the west coast and see what I could find. I had planned on taking time off to go to my niece's graduation but she texted me to say there was no point in coming because she was leaving town the day after graduation.

The first town I stopped at was a small seaside village and they had no available rooms. I drove around for an hour or two and decided to head even further south.

When I got to what looked like the tourist area I took the first road towards the beach. The sign said dead end but I thought something has to be there. I drove for a long time with a beat up pick up truck on my tail. I was starting to get a little nervous when the road narrowed with marsh on each side. I couldn't turn around so I kept driving. What else could I do?

Suddenly, after what seemed like forever,  the road opened up and there was the most beautiful beach you could imagine. It was cool and the sun was setting. I saw a group of people releasing balloons for what looked like a memorial. It was spectacular a very peaceful moment.

On my way out I was alone again and suddenly what looked like three little black pigs crossed the road. They were no more than 15 feet in front of me. How strange I thought for them to cross at just that moment. I found out later that the road I was on was nine miles long and the pigs are apparently an enemy of the marsh.

The road did make me think about this journey I have been on. It seems like I have been on the deserted road for a long time.  Just when I think I reach my destination there is just more road. In time I will reach the place where I can enjoy a beautiful sunset.


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