Saturday, May 26, 2012

Slipping away - Grace

My friend is addicted to pills. Oxycodon to be exact. She is weening herself off of them slowly but surely, but she has change. I can see that and I know there is nothing I can do about it. I am loosing her and it makes me really sad.

She had been sober for 20 years and she started feeling body pain and the doctor promptly put her on pain pills and then when they stopped working he gave her something stronger. She working hard to get the dosage down. I mentioned meetings and she said she has never had a problem with pills and isn't interested in going back to AA.

I met her at an Al-anon meeting four years ago. She said she might go to an Al-anon meeting with me. When we talked about it I could see the addiction talking to her especially when I mention the source of the pain that makes her want to take the pills. The reason she wants to escape the world as it is now. She changed to subject.

I don't know why some people become addicted and some don't. Grace is really the only answer I have come up with.

I hope she will come back but I am scared for her. I miss her.

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