Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Second time around-Playing Games

I have been playing an on line game I discovered months back for the second time. I had to start over because I am setting up an new computer and my scores were not saved. I remember when I found the game how hard it was to understand what they wanted you to do and my state of mind was not great and everything seemed overwhelming and complicated. I did figure it out the first time but I didn't really understand how to play and it took what it seemed like forever. This time it was more familiar and I had more information.

I feel like the Al-Anon program is the same way. In the beginning it seems like we are feeling our way through the dark. Everybody else is getting it and we are making progress but slow. Once we have made it through the steps the first time the next time is easier. We can decide to look at them from a different perspective and have confidence that we have been there before and feel less intimidated.

When I looked at the game again at first I thought they must have changed the game, it was so easy, but then I recognized one of the games. The game had not changed, I had.

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