Saturday, June 26, 2010

Once in a Blue Moon-Step Three

Yesterday we took a little drive to a place that has been a refuge for me during my grief and uncertainty. It was the perfect day.

The last time I was there I went alone I was in a particularly fearful place and I thought the drive would lift my spirits but I ended up just sitting in the car unable to get out. I have learned that this too shall pass and if I don’t panic things will change and I will be ok again.

I have been feeling peaceful the past few weeks and I think it is because I have been practicing what I preach by taking care of myself and relying on the third step. I like to be busy so I over book myself until that one last commitment tips the scales. I love being with others and offering support when I can and still feel a little guilty when I have to pull back. I know that balance is one thing that I am always looking for and that knowing my limits is important. If I am rested and in a good place I have more to offer.

The other part of finding peace for me practicing the Third Step. When I get caught up in finding a solution I get in trouble. Realizing that I am not in charge helps me to be more accepting of what is true for today. Step three is simple and I need simple, turning my life over and over and over gives me place to put my fear. When I am rested I am more likely to lean back and let go.

This picture was taken last night after a day in the sun, a wonderful dinner and good company. Luckily this happens more than once in a blue moon.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, another "verse" of what was shared in this mornings meeting.