Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eating Cookie Dough-Progress Not Perfection

A few weeks ago I reached a new low when scouring for relief from hunger and my current bout with depression I went into the freezer and found some chocolate chip cookie dough and ate it for dinner. I can laugh about it now but looking back it is pretty pathetic. That being said last night I actually made a fresh batch of cookie dough and had that for dessert and maybe a little for breakfast this morning followed by some more healthy choices.

So I feel this is progress in a way I thought I was worth the time and effort to make some from scratch dough. I did think about cooking it but it seemed like it could ruin perfectly good dough. As you can imagine I feel a little squeeze at this point but worth it for sure.

I am isolating today and have done a few chores. I don't really want to use my voice today talk through where I am or think about the past or the future. It is strange the need to let sleeping dogs lie. This too shall pass isn't that what they say in all the programs. It is hard when you feel like your life has been put in a state of suspension. Nobody can really help you, you just got to wait it out and one day you will wake up and feel differently.

I am better and it is just one day and I can live with that, just 24 hours.

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