Saturday, August 28, 2010

Introvert Seeking Silience-A Zen Moment

I am standing on my own these days and my need to find the truth has given way to just making a living and addressing what is in front of me today.

I am in the office today alone my partner in crime is in Texas and it is especially quiet. I have a number of things that I should be doing and will probably be here late today. I decided that writing might help me to move forward and so here I am writing.

My head has been unusually quiet and without the analytical voices in my head I have been able to get some rest. It feels strange to focus on my work and put everything I have into one thing. I picked up a magazine at my counselors office and there was a long article on introverts and it talked about the very thing I am experiencing now. The Zen of focusing on one thing and how having a goal or objective gives the introvert mind a way to rest. Extroverts on the other hand don't really need the same kind of break. They get rest from outside stimulation and sometimes thrill seeking.

The article did say that introverts make up 50% of the population but aren't easily recognized and are sometimes labeled as shy. Introverts are not shy but internalize information and then form conclusion. Making it seem like we are slow compared to our extrovert counter parts. We are half the population going against the extrovert tide. In America we have a society based on stimulation. It said some there are countries more geared toward introverted thinking. It mentioned how here we tolerate loud music in stores and restaurants and don't realize that it is tool to disorient us to shop and eat mindlessly.

So I am not alone in my need for silence and why after a day of customers I need to lay down. It is comforting to know that I am not alone in my quest for peace and that my own internal voice can be silenced for a time.

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