Saturday, August 27, 2011

Broken Glass

I got a call this morning from the other designer. She doesn't work on Saturday but decided to come in today. She said someone threw a big rock through the front window.

I finished getting dressed and headed in. By the time I got here she had cleaned up the mess and made a few calls. I was happy I didn't have to deal with it. We are calling one of our guys to put up plywood over the window.

We are in kind of an industrial area and close to a pretty depressed neighborhood. In 35 years we only had two incidence of vandalism.

Last time the shook up a can of soda and threw it through the window.

We don't have anything of much value here and take our lap tops home at night. We did buy a big screen TV to view designs and that is probably what they saw and probably what got them going.

Kids or drugs and alcohol who knows. Just another day in the office.

1 comment:

  1. Glad that nothing was stolen. I suspect that there will be more thefts with people being out of work, etc.