Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life is a Jungle - Lets go on a Safari

I worked in my house the past couple of days. I was here in the office Saturday until 8PM getting my ducks in a row and enjoying being so busy. I decided that I would balance things out this week by taking two days off.

This new emotional freedom is hard to describe but it is really awesome just letting things flow on their own and not focusing on the outcome. I've always done my best but now I just let the rest go. This has given me so much energy instead of spinning my wheels and thinking about what more I should have done. I am on to the next thing. I can accept my best as being good enough.

I met one of my former sponsees this weekend to help her pick out an outrageous red for her dining room. After seeing all those colors I felt inspired to make some of my own changes. I picked out a Safari Green for my living and dining area.

It is color my niece picked for my sister's kitchen. I left the store at 5:00 and by 8:30 I had a new look. At first I thought it was too light. I have a lighter green in my kitchen that I despise. But as it dried it became richer and more developed.

I was just thinking how I always jump to conclusions and if take a step back and just observe I might be surprised how things turn out. Being still is what I have been forced to learn these past few years. I had to accept that there wasn't anything I could do to speed up my healing process.

Now I appreciate the clear mind God gave me. Only after losing it for a long time.

The definition of Safari is a journey or expedition to watch animals in their natural habitat. So I consider myself on a little Safari watching any drama I come upon from a distance I like it that way for now. If I feel the need to jump in I can do that too but it is my choice.

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  1. And I think that I am a sojourner, like the name of my boat, in this life: just a temporary resident, trying to enjoy each day and what comes with it.