Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Foot-work or control?

I use to get caught up or I should say my mind would get caught up in deciding how much footwork God expects me to do to solve my own problems. It was always a trap a fine line between control and foot-work.

I decided that God really doesn't need my help. I can keep my eyes and ears open for direction but that is all that is required. I can't even start down the road of imagining how something will work because that is taking the control back. It is setting myself up for fear if I see the situation heading off in a different direction.

I recently decided to get out of the drivers seat and let God take over. I have let it all go and decided to just let things happen naturally. I let drumming up business go and I am so busy I can't keep up. I had a huge problem with a not so reasonable customer that accused me of lying and she called and apologized this morning. I had a builder who refused to send us a check and I got an email this week saying we could pick it up.

The foot work I am doing has to do with what is on my plate today. Not focusing on potential problems or the 99 ways something could go wrong or in some cases even right. It is a distraction I can't be peaceful while meddling in things that are not my business.

Just for today I can let go and let God.

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  1. Amazing how things resolve if I just get out of the way.