Thursday, August 18, 2011

Productivity - Out the window

I have given up. What ever I hopes I had of accomplishing anything today has flown out the window. So I heaping unproductively upon unproductively and writing some general nonsense.

I did have some good news. I have a birthday coming up and my tag and drivers license needed to be renewed and I found out I can do it on-line. When I went to driving school (distant past post) I got the impression that you had to go in person for drivers license renewal. Because of Homeland Security you have to show two serious forms of id. A original birth certificate or passport and an original ss card. If your name has changed perhaps you got married and divorced then you need you divorce decree to prove you are who you say you are.

After I thought about it maybe she said it was if you were even one day past your birthday. She made us all pull out our licenses and look at the expiration. It is a good thing because I had know idea it was going to expire this year. She did say most people think you have until the end of the month of your birthday, but that is not true.

So maybe the reason I had to go to driving school was to find out my license was going to expire. This would prevent me getting pulled over (not that would ever get pulled over) and getting a ticket for an expired licence. I guess that is round about gratitude. Maybe someone out there needs to look at their own license.

Just a regular day, what a relief.


  1. Just a regular day, those CAN be a great relief, you're right!

  2. I get something in the mail about renewal. Ours now last for five years which is good. It's nice to have a regular day!