Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gun slingers and facing the enemy

I had to be a grown up today and file my business taxes. It wasn't too bad. Of course I waited until the last minute because I know I will have to pay something.

My accountant is somewhere between 75 and 85 years old and she has the demeanor of a saloon bartender from those old west movies. She gave it to me with both guns blazing about waiting until the last minute.

She pointed out the mistakes I made filling out my quarterly taxes and I pointed out how I had corrected those mistakes and re-filed. I am always a little intimidated by her. She told me the last I was there everyone is just waiting for her to die so they can run the place.

I love her she great. After she scolded me we had a laugh when I told her "you don't scare me I have faced our arch nemesis the IRS and survived" I haven't received one letter from them since. I told her I was just happy to still be here and not menopausal and not depressed.

She wants me to let her do the quarterly taxes but I said at the time it was between her and keeping the electric on.

I had to confess to her that I am in charge of the accounting and some of the details of what has been going on. The first question was, are you getting paid to run someone else's business. I said I have been paying myself a regular salary. She said good and gave me some other good advice.

I am capable now and ready to get on with the business of life. I felt good to just get something done. I did end up paying a little bit and of course I paid her but it wasn't too bad. Today being a grown up wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

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  1. Facing my fears is the biggest challenge. Once I get into something that I dread or fear, it isn't nearly as bad as I thought.