Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Out of the Blue - Monks and Mindfulness
Out of the blue yesterday I felt like my old self. It was weird I had energy and was ready to do some real work. I had an early appointment with a new client and a job installation. There were problems but it didn't seem like such a big deal.

I worked until 8:30 last night and could of worked until midnight. I went home, had a bowl of cereal and cleaned my house.

At midnight, while putting my library of books away off of my beside table, I came across a book I purchased a few years ago Living Buddha Living Christ by Thich Nat Hanh a Buddhist monk. Let's just say a little diversion from my light and fluffy commitment of a week ago. I can't help myself.

What I read last night was about mindfulness for me this is the act of staying aware in this moment. I rarely can get to a place of complete mindfulness. The first thought I have about mindfulness is the direction of  "wash the dishes" focus on the act and try not to wash them on auto pilot while stressing about a million other things.

I can get there sometimes. In program I was told to think about the Statue of Liberty. What? If you think about the Statue of Liberty you can't really think about anything else at the same time. This is mindfulness in my book and serves the same purpose. What ever works.

When I finally closed my eyes, at the end of the day, I tried not to think about why I had such a great day. That didn't totally work. What did I do differently than usual? What did I eat? Is it because I took vitamins? Is it because the day was sunny and warm? Was it because I was out and about and not stuck in this windowless office? Statue of Liberty help me!

That thought process took all of about 30 seconds and then I drifted off to sleep.

Today it is dark and rainy and my mood is not so up. It is just life and one day your up and the next your not.  I am just happy that I had the most excellent day ever yesterday.

I am here practicing mindfulness focusing on writing this blog and then back to work. Hope you can do the same.

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