Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting to the other side

I took this picture my road trip the other day the view was similar to a picture a friend sent to me not too long ago. I like bridges because they were built by people wanting to make it easier to get across an obstacle and everyone benefits from their hard work.

This blog has been a bridge for me connecting the person I was to the person a am today. It has given me the opportunity to share my personal pain and success while reinventing myself at the same time.

Tonight I watched Madmen and the main character made me realize that I have crossed another bridge. His wife has left him and at the same time he has started a new company. Every one needs him to be the natural leader he has always been and he isn't up to the task. He isn't himself and things are sliding down hill quickly. By the end of the program they are sucking up to customers they don't even want. He makes a great pitch and the clients say they think it is to risky. He stops for a moment and then throws them out of his office and you can see a shift has occurred.

This is where I am today. Something happen to me this weekend that has made me feel enough is enough. I am tired of feeling needy and helpless so I am standing up and dusting myself off and taking my life back. Today I am done with the grief and fear that has paralyzed me and I am ready to move on. So I am going to build my own bridges and toss those whinny customers out of my office.

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