Saturday, July 17, 2010

Living In The Moment

I think for those recovering whether from alcoholism or from the effects of alcoholism living in the moment can be next to impossible.

When I began the journey of recovery I never had a moment where I was truly in the moment ever. I look back now and see that huge spans of time that I can't even remember. When I am in a bad space today it is usually when I am worried about something that is not even happening right now and may never happen. The anxiety this creates can be paralyzing for me and I shut down with fear.

In the beginning of my recovery this was a way of life for me focused on the next thing but now even though I can go there on occasion it isn't my whole world any more and I can enjoy my current situation.

Last night I had an invitation to go on a river cruise at sunset. It was a perfect night and we stayed on the top deck for almost the whole cruise. With the wind in our faces and beauty of the water there was nothing but peace for me. I came home did some Yoga and slept like a baby. This is rare the slept like a baby part and I am grateful today for the ability to live in the moment. Progress not perfection.

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