Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fire on the horizon

I took this picture in the car on my way home yesterday it really doesn't do the beauty of the sunset justice but I like the way it looks. It is distorted but beautiful.

I have been working and trying to focus on getting my finances in order. I am withdrawing from my usual schedule to try to make sense of my life and whether I need to try to find a regular paying job. I worked for many years in corporate america and the thought of going back isn't exactly a dream come true.

A new customer came in today and I did close a deal yesterday so all hope is not lost. Being on commission makes you spend time your not getting paid for to help people save money so you get paid less. This seem counter intuitive to me but this is what I do every day. It is a dilemia for me sometimes. Other times people come in they like me and I give them a fair price for the service I provide and all is well.

So what is the fire on the horizon? I hope it is something magnificent.

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