Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Serenaded by the Delivery Man

It is cold and rainy here but still a balmy 49 degrees compared to those up north. I had a good day even though nothing has changed except my perspective. Last night I felt overwhelmed by the task at hand and was thinking that maybe it would be easier just to look for a corporate job.

This morning I got up and had little conversation with God. I said I know this is part of some grand plan so I guess, just for today, I will trust you. Step Three: Made a decision to turn my will and my life of the care of God as I understand him. So that was a good start.

I read today's page in Courage to Change about compassion, consequences and enabling. I thought about the owner and the denial he had been living in for awhile now. His pride has kept him from letting us make the changes that needed to made. I realized that I can just be kind and take care of myself and let God take care of the rest.

I also have thought about partnering with the other designer and some issues we might have as partners. This is a long term commitment and we are both very strong. Today we had lunch and talked things out and I mentioned my concerns. I feel we understand each other better and the important thing is we have the same vision for the future.

My water bed was delivered tonight around 7:30 by the owner. He is such a character and his enthusiasm for selling beds and futons is unmatched. He came in and complimented me on my decor and then he saw some of my paintings and told me he write songs and poems. He then recited a poem he wrote for his step father and went on to sing a song for me. I thought life is amazing and people are amazing.

After he left. I made a bowl of oatmeal for dinner put on my pj's and now I sharing the gift of this day with you. By living in the moment I can enjoy the gifts right in front of me. In the past I might have been lost in my head and missed the pleasure of being serenaded by the delivery man.

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  1. People always amaze me. What a nice thing to be serenaded and to be able to be in PJ's and having oatmeal for dinner. I like all of it.