Saturday, February 26, 2011

You can eat an elephant one bite at a time

Of course this might be a big turn off if your a vegetarian.

I have been in the in between place for a long time. I want some part of my life to be certain but that doesn't seem to be where my life is going.

I am selling some small things. Enough to keep things going around here which is a good. The other designer said I was keeping us afloat one dollar at a time. This is my way the tortoise way. I keep plugging along without any big splashes. We are moving forward so slow you can hardly see it but we are still moving.

Change is difficult for everyone and resistance is hard to overcome. That is why it has to get bad before we wake up and make a change. Awareness Acceptance and Action. The awareness part is tricky. Denial is the name of the game for most of us. Even if one person sees what is happening if no one else is ready it doesn't matter.

I can't look at that right now. La La La I can't hear you. We all do it individually or sometimes collectively. When the spit hits the fan watch out then the blame game starts. Why didn't anyone say anything? Whose fault is this someone has to be responsible.

After all that the wiser move into the acceptance first. You have to sit there for awhile and maybe flop back into denial just to make it through the day. Then you get up one morning and you say, this is my life, my situation so now what?

If your an Al-Anon at heart you are all about the action. You brush yourself off and you make a plan. At this point not everyone else has caught up with you yet. You meet with resistance but as only an Al-Anon can do you rally the troops. You convert everyone individually if necessary but you get everyone on board. You know once things start to improve everyone will be happier.

It is our nature to problem solve. Not bad really only if we lose ourselves in this process and become the end all be all for everyone. I have never seen a situation where everyone wasn't happy to turn responsibility over to someone willing to take it. My nature is to be the reluctant leader only stepping in when no one else does. I prefer to be behind the scenes quietly making sure everything is running smoothly.

So if you got an elephant in the room and your willing to admit it is best to start small. One bite at a time and one day at a time.

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