Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quiet - Meditation - Faith

We are all in a holding pattern here at work. I wrote a post yesterday but it felt stale and uninspired probably because I felt stale and uninspired. I am sick. That is hard for me to admit because I absolutely never get sick. In fact while perusing through my drug stash from the past I couldn't find a single thing that hadn't expired.

I have a head cold of the ordinary kind. I am working but just took a break from writing company bills to write something here. If you have read any of my post about me and paperwork you are thinking that maybe I am not the best person for the job. It is just temporary and a way to keep peace and control over where the money goes. I get straight A's at work it is my personal life that gets put on the back burner. This is something that is a constant battle for me putting myself first, back to the fourth step.

I have added my additional responsibilities to my daily list. I can't think past today where work is concerned because it looks pretty scary from here. Being sick has actually helped because I don't have the energy to think about anything but the task at hand.

The fear has left me for now and my faith is carrying me through this obstacle course today. I am sure that it will all work out even if I am not sure exactly how at this point.

I have been keeping quiet and staying to myself. Saturday, Sunday and Monday I decided that I needed to rest and meditate. It is good for me to disconnect even if it feels uncomfortable sometimes. I can be more objective when I return and have more to give.


  1. I am so sorry that you are struggling with sickness right now and are feeling drained. I will be praying for peace and health to return quickly to you today and that you are able to accomplish the things you need to get done.

    It takes a lot of strength to just keep on working at the task at hand when you feel ill.

    Take good care and hoping for better days ahead for you.

  2. I hope that you wil feel better soon. I need to just rest when I am sick.