Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Devils Advocate

Does the devil really need an advocate? It seems if your the devil your doing alright all on your own.

I had a meeting with our landlord today to discuss reducing the rent. The rent was last negotiated when things were at their peak. I was talking to a friend about the appointment today and she proceeded to tell me all the things that could happen that wouldn't be in my favor. She stated she was just being the devils advocate.

What I have learned from my journey through the steps is how not to be that person anymore. I learned that when I turn things over to a power greater than myself I don't need to go through every possible bad scenario, I just expect that things will go exactly the way they should go and I don't need to live in fear of something I have no control over anyway. I don't have to ready and if things go wrong I will spring into action then instead being upset before I know the outcome.

We had the meeting. It went exactly how I envisioned it would go and we have reduced our expenses. The owner and myself said a prayer in the car asking that all parties come away from the meeting satisfied.

Just as the devil doesn't need an advocate God doesn't need one either. He is God you know and can handle things without my help. It was a good day.


  1. Great story. I liked how it ended, for the good of everyone. Your expenses lowered and they landlord kept a tenant. You are right. God does not need any help. Thanks for writing today.

  2. I am glad not to have to surmise every scenario but just let things play out. They work out without my worrying.