Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hitchhiking - Birds and Attachments

Did you ever wake up and think, how did I get here? I thought about that this morning when I looked down, while driving to work and spotted a caterpillar crawling up my leg. I was swerving on the road trying to get it in an envelope to save it.

This is the second time this season the I have had a critter hitchhike on my pants. When I went on a hike a few weeks ago I looked down and there was an inch worm on my pants. He was an 1/8 long and was able to travel miles in a matter of a few hours. If he was keeping track he would think he was pretty awesome.

But he wasn't because he was focused on just what was directly in front of him. If you are just focused on what is in front of you it is hard to pat yourself on the back or freak out when things have changed.

This is where we are different from the rest of God's creatures. We get attached to everything. Where we live our jobs our friends and even a certain way of thinking.

Why do we do it if these attachments ultimate bring us pain? Is it because we are conscious and feel separate from the rest of the animals? Is it because we have an imagination that tells us to build a fort around our lives to be prepared for every possible change? The weird thing is change comes in a completely different form than we expect. We have braced ourselves for the wrong thing and then we have to scramble anyway.

Can you imagine a bird nesting in the same tree every year and then one year the tree is gone, which I am sure happens all the time. The bird then just can't cope stops flying and calls his therapist. By the way, I love my therapist. No they just move on and find another tree.

I have made my point. I have been under a lot of stress which has manifested in an a brief illness. According to the my guide on illness being related to a spiritual cause it is caused by not being able to let go of something.

Today I am letting go. My partner lost a big job that we really needed. It doesn't really matter to me today I am focused on my own work and my on path. If I have to leave this business then I will and today I am ok with that.

Picture by - Joe Wooster


  1. Thank you....this was much needed today.

  2. I remember reading somewhere that birds actually do get stressed in areas that have had trees cut down and they actually become extra noisy. I remember noticing, too, when I lived in a city apartment that the birds in the trees there were noisier than in areas with more trees. I wonder if they're arguing. I also wonder if it means it's normal to get stressed when the unexpected occurs. And when we're deprived of our needs. But still, we do have the tools to attempt to move on and get our needs met. I hope the birds do, too. Maybe it's just the birds in my neighborhood with the issues.

  3. There isn't much we can do about the choices and bad decisions of others. What is lost is in yesterday. I like your focus on the here and now.